Technical Support

The Tricomp International Technical Support Package offers you satisfactory service and we make it our responsibility to ensure the smooth running of your IT systems. We have set up a helpdesk team that provides telephone and remote support as well as through pro-active and reactive monitoring of your systems. This means that we resolve the majority of potential system challenges before they happen, thereby increasing system availability and decreased downtime.

This package offers a dedicated Technical Account Manager, unlimited access to our dedicated support line, unlimited remote access support and unlimited on-site support. Our aim is to offer superior levels of customer service, so not only will we solve your problems when you call, but we will also run regular checks of your systems with the aim of maintaining your productivity. Our services are packaged as below:

a) Hourly Service Package

We offer technical assistance to non-contractual clients per call whereby our technical team visits your premises and analyses your needs and a need –basis agreement is drawn whereby we bill per hour. This service is available on emergency or non-emergency system issues. Our helpdesk team is available during business hours to ensure that your IT requirements are met within Tricomp.

b) Full reactive Support Service

Tailor made for production environments, the platinum contract allows our customers to do away with IT departments and outsource all their technical needs to us. On our part, we ensure that the worry of system failures or challenges is sorted seamlessly and our customers are able to concentrate on their core business. In this package the client will benefit from the following:

  • 24 X 7 technical support
  • Unlimited support requests
  • Web and phone access support
  • Designated team to team services
  • Proactive and reactive services
  • Full time technical account manager
  • Direct routing to technical support
c) Basic Reactive Support

This service is designed to suit the needs of processing zones and plants whose IT needs are more concentrated during no rmal business hours. We ensure that during this time when efficiency is paramount, our support team is available to you and assists you to meet your production requirements using stable systems and solutions. The package offers the following services;

  • Business hours coverage
  • Unlimited support requests
  • Includes updates and upgrades
  • Proactive and reactive services
  • Partial or full time Technical account manager
  • Team to team services