Tricomp offers technical consultancy services to assist customers upgrade, expand, integrate or adapt to new systems and equipment without affecting their business processes. Consultancy services may be purely advisory or participatory whereby Tricomp appoints a technical account manager who is available full time to assist throughout the project implementation period.

Our consultancy package includes the following services in full or partially according to client requirements:

a) Training and operational readiness

Such assistance is offered to clients who are implementing new systems, software and equipment to ensure that they integrate them without disrupting business operations. Tricomp prepares work manuals, trials and test runs, staff training and on-site presence for the initial process. This ensures that by the time the project is introduced and implemented, the client does not experience a total shutdown due to system malfunction and/or inexperienced staff.

b) Project planning, design and implementation

For most companies, introducing an ICT solution requires a thorough needs analysis to ensure that both financial and technical requirements are met. Tricomp will research, give you a roadmap and guide you through the planning, design and implementation period. During this time, we will run compliance tests and reviews, ensure system compatibility, tuning and best practice analysis.

c) Technical Account Manager

A partial or full time account manager will assist in ensuring that on-site and off-site requirements are planned and sorted timely and efficiently. At the same time, staffs are able to make direct enquiries and requests for support during system implementation without necessarily going through bureaucratic procedures which in essence is time wasting and affects business operations.